Need some help with various aspects of your own website? We at Celtic Ozark Solutions have shared some links to products and companies that we have found useful. We hope that this page will save you some time looking for the help you need. If you have suggestions on additional links we should share with the world, let us know.


Website Hosting Help

I have two companies that I use all the time for website hosting. I have done a lot of work with both. They are reliable, and seldom down. Hostgator makes use of the Cpanel format, which makes it easy to new website builders to navigate the hosting website. Lot’s of application (like WordPress & Joomla) can be set up easily. is the company that I use for website hosting.  My favorite setup for new people is the deluxe Linux type account.  You will be able to build more than one website on your hosting account this way. They also have an economy plan for one website. They run 24 hour customer support by phone, and have always treated me well. So, when I recommend them, I am speaking from my experience.

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Products I Use On The PC


This was one of my first products on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I understood the concepts from school, but had not done any practical work, so I wanted a good hands on educational tool. If you are wanting more info on how to do SEO for your website, this is a good choice. Click Here for more information on SEO Press Formula.









Registry Cure is a great product for helping you clean up old messes in your Windows Registry. I know how to do this conventionally, but I was still looking for a product to do it quickly and automatically. It also has a good tool for controlling the start up programs on your PC. Click Here for more information on Registry Cure!










No adware is one of two spyware removal tools I use. Spybot Search and Destroy is the other. You can clean cookies off your PC from your Internet Options>General Tab of your Control Panel. However, I like having a quick and automatic option to clear this stuff off. It is the ease of use I find attractive about No Adware. Click Here for more information on NoAdware Spyware Removal. A must buy!