Blog SEO is still important.  Even in today’s society of short, snappy articles, you still need to set some search engine optimization. The average article today has shrank to around 300 words, which people can read in about 2-3 minutes. So, here is the trick to Blog SEO.

Set the keywords in the blog article title, and within the first 50 words.  This gets some solid keywords set right off the bat, especially if there are any anchors set to those keywords. (anchors will have a hyperlink to some other site set to the keywords.)

You also need to set the keywords in the final paragraph. In fact, I like repeating the whole title in the final paragraph. It just gets those little search engine bots all happy inside.

In today’s times, blog seo should also be set on no more than 2 keywords:  a primary and a secondary. You really don’t have time to expand much beyond that, unless you just want a keyword spam article. Stick with the basics of a good prime keyword, and a good secondary keyword.  Often, I like the secondary keyword to localize things a bit. For example, blog seo ozarks can be a secondary keyword for me today.

Finally, keep the density down to 3 precent. That means you will only repeat your keyword phrase a couple of times. Blog SEO is still important, so make sure you are covering your bases well.