Blog SEO is affected by the time of day that you post your blogs.  If you are having trouble getting your posts read quickly, consider a change in time to post the article.  If you are like me, and you make use of a content management system for your website, scheduling a series of articles to drop at different times can really help get your blog read quickly.  It is not always a matter of volume.

The question is: what time of day should I be posting?  Over time, you might be able to guess this information. However, a better plan is to note the time of day when people are reading your blogs.  This is easily accomplished using statistical software like Google, or the stat pages insight a content management system like WordPress.  If you make use of Askimet for spam control, you can also make use of that information to help you drill down on less desirable times to be blogging.

I used to release my articles in the middle of the night, so they would be fresh for morning readers. I had to quit that for just this reason about blog seo being spammed more at night. My blog seo was being affected, because there were more bots out looking for  ways to place spam comments.  Now Askimet could easily keep them off my website, but I also did not get the value of having a new reader from my blog seo strategy.

Some of my friends at Pro Blogger did some nice statistical informaton on what time of day to blog.  By their stats, the mid afternoon is the best time of day. Friday is also the statistically best day to add blog seo content. Why?  Well, that has to be a great time for people at work to be ready to check out mentally for the week. My own statistics tend to show a shift to Friday and Saturday, late afternoon, so that is why I try to blog a lot on the weekend for my blog seo material. Dan Zarrella has a graph here that I think supports my thoughts.  Saturday late evening is a good time on Facebook for status changes.  A lot of my best readers come to be from my Facebook Fan Page.

Blog SEO is affected by the time of day. So, make use of your analytics to help you figure out the best time for your blogs to reach the world.

Ray Province

Celtic Ozark Solutions